Seaside Industry Park Rauma is an industrial park for heavy industry, located on the site where the shipyard previously operated. The industrial area offers companies an effective operating environment in which to carry out business that is both sustainable and profitable.


The competitive advantages of Seaside are particular advantages a company enjoys by being located in the industrial park.  These include:

  • An excellent location for logistics: by the sea, next to the port, good road and rail connections.
  • Abundant, ready infrastructure: buildings particularly suited for heavy industry requiring space, dry dock, cranes and other industrial equipment.
  • By utilising a common infrastructure and services, companies benefit from economies of scale and share costs.
  • Successful leader companies operate in the industrial park and have a broad, efficient, tight-knit supplier network.
  • Being located in Seaside offers small to medium-sized businesses opportunities which would be difficult or impossible to implement alone.
  • It becomes possible to offer complete turnkey solutions: companies can use each other’s expertise.  
  • Comprehensive support resources available, such as HSE (Health, Safety, Environment), estate management, catering and security services.
  • Wide range of training, research, design and innovation services available, such as a training campus next to the industrial park.
  • The Town of Rauma offers quality business support services.